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Juliette Armand Facials

Juliette Armand range available from Catherine's Laser & Beauty Salon, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland
Juliette Armand Elements Facials and  Juliette Armand Skin Booster Facials are available from  Catherine's Laser & Beauty Salon, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Thavma ‘Miracle’ Therapy - Juliette Armand Skin Booster Facials from Catherine's Laser & Beauty Salon, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland

Juliette Armand Elements Facials

The skin has moods. It speaks to us and requires values. This is how Juliette Armand Elements diagnose the skin, taking steps beyond the definitions of sensitive, dry and oily skin and proceeding to a more holistic, more specific and more professional diagnosis.

Juliette Armand Everyday Therapy 1hr €70

This tailored facial is customised to your specific concerns. The belief is that the skin has different moods which changes and therefore your prescription must be personalised on all levels targeting acne, wrinkles and sensitivity at the same time.

Retinoid Therapy 1hr €70

This vitamin A facial targets ageing and sun damaged skin. Retinoid HPR is a non-irritating retinol, which stimulates collagen, reducing uneven pigmentation , diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, cleaning congested skin which helps improve texture & tone. It involves a cryolifting mask & red clay for lifting and firming the skin.

Brightening Therapy 1hr €70

This whitening facial is targeted at hyperpigmentation, blotches, melanoma & post inflammatory pigmentation. With the combination of vitamin C, rumen, arbutus & liquorice for regulating melanin & helps the skin obtain a uniform tone.

Deep Cleansing Facial 1hr €65

Suitable for congested skin, it includes exfoliation, steam, blackhead extractions, followed by Juliette Armand's targeted serums, masks and moisturiser.

Teen Facial 1hr €50

This facial includes exfoliation, steam and mask, to help remove dead skin cells which may be blocking pores & extractions are done to help clear congestion and customized mask is applied, to finished chosen aftercare and discuss your homecare.

Juliette Armand Skin Booster Facials

Skin Boosters use cutting edge technologies, cosmetic drones and innovative peptides to postpone your appointment with plastic surgery!

Apocalypsis Therapy 1ΒΌ hrs €80

(Acne Treatment & Oilness Regulation)
Apocalypsis is a 100% natural facial treatment, effectively reducing acne symptoms and balancing oilness. A peel is applied to the skin in a gentle way, using chemically untreated dried sponges originally found in lakes, this treatment addresses acne symptoms, regulating oilness and tightens dilated pores and improves acne marks.
(Course of treatments is recommended)

Thavma ‘Miracle’ Therapy 1hr €90

You don’t need to resort to botox, this facial treats expression lines, the cutting edge ‘effectox” technology slows down the muscle contraction, preventing further lines from forming. The leuphasyl Peptide relaxes the muscle while Argireline prevents the formation of lines.

Chronos ‘Time’ Therapy 1hr €90

You don’t need to resort to injectable filling of wrinkles, this facial firms and plumps the skin while stimulating type lll collagen. The four dimension involves peptides for reducing wrinkle sizes, volume, density and depth

Environ, Juliette Armand, Candela and Apilus  from Catherine's Skin, Laser & Beauty Clinic, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland

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